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Post to hundreds of job boards with a single click, attract and filter for better candidates, reduce time to hire, and improve the applicant experience. 

Our on-boarding system provides a paperless online solution where new hires enter all information, complete forms and prepare for their new career.

✓ Provide a Great User Experience For Your New Employees

✓ Seamlessly Manage All Documentation, Including I-9 and W-4 Forms

Increase Data Consistency

✓ Increase Hiring Efficiency

✓ E-verify Available

Useful Features

✓ Garnishments

✓ Direct Deposit

✓ Paycards

✓ Secure Data


Payroll processing with Total HCM is easy, accurate and efficient with iSolved. Built in the cloud, iSolved is the solution for all your payroll challenges.

✓ Full Control

✓ Error Alerts 

✓ Access to Reports

✓ Calculated State & Local Taxes


We streamline your employees' data and provide insight to your workforce. Manage and strengthen your human resource.

✓ Track Disciplinary Actions

✓ Track Mandated Certifications & Permits

✓ Track and Manage Company Awards, Education & Assets

✓ Executive Dashboards and Configurable Reporting


We enable you to collect, manage, and process employee time and attendance data effectively. Our software eliminates the need to import, export, and duplicate data entry.

✓ Single Data-entry Point

✓ Increased Data Security

✓ Eliminate Import and Export


Now you can set up your benefit plans once and drive enrollment and deductions throughout the system.

Include welcome messages with attached documents for employees to review and acknowledge, schedule email alerts to track enrollment deadlines, and offer a printable summary statement of all benefits selected.


If you operate a business and employ 1+ employees, you must register as an employer with the Employment Development Department (EDD). 

We can now help you apply for just $100.

Useful Features